Why Chickens?

Chicken Butt Fall 2.jpg

I have always bought my eggs from the grocery store. Whatever brand was cheapest that week was coming home with me! Eighteen pack for three bucks? Hell yes! We go through a ridiculous amount of eggs. Breakfast for dinner is our fave! This was all fine and dandy until one day I bought eggs from my local farmers market. They were five dollars for a dozen (the frugal part of my brain freaked out a little). I got them home and opened the package and the eggs were all different colours! Speckled brown, white, salmon pink, baby blue and sea foam green! I have never seen this before. I start googling, and searching for answers on social media and find out that different chickens lay different colour eggs! Who knew? So I finally get to use my rainbow eggs for dinner. I am making fried egg sandwiches. I crack the first two in the pan and the yolks are orange. Back on the google I go. There must be something wrong with these eggs. Why are the yolks orange? Have they gone bad? The exact opposite. After much research, turns out that the darker the  yolk, the healthier the chicken. The dark yolk chickens get to forage for food in the sunshine, scratch in the dirt, and spread their wings. The light yellow yolk chickens are the sad ones in cages from factory farms. Well thats it then. No more store bought eggs for this family! The taste difference is unreal. The yolk is super creamy and they just taste more like egg. In a good way, of course. 

At this point, I now have to drag my ass out of bed every Saturday morning to get to the farmers market for eggs. Must get the eggs from happy chickens. We don’t want to support the sad chicken farmers. Jerks. Local farms are where it’s at anyways. 

One wintery night, over one (or five) glasses of wine, hubby and I are debating on moving. We had been discussing this for a while now. We definitely wanted a house with some land. A place where the kids can roam free and get dirty. Then a thought occurs… we could get our own chickens! Oh what a slippery slope that thought train was traveling on. Next thing I know, I am Pinning chicken sweaters, breeds of chickens, chicken coops, chicken food, how to care for chickens, kid friendly chickens, and don’t forget chickens with headbands! Now let me tell you, I came across many mixed reviews, as well as more than one “she’s lost it” stares. I quickly became a “chicken lady” without even having one chicken. 

Clementine and Olive Fall.jpg

For me it became a very easy choice. What is an extra two dollars a week to get eggs from healthier, happier chickens, that are also healthier for us? I call this a teaching moment for my kids. Look kids! This is how to vote with your money. Not only that, but having chickens is such an amazing experience for the whole family. From building a coop, to collecting eggs, to feeding and caring for the chickens, no doubt there will be many teaching moments. Moments that I hope they will pass on and use in their adult lives. This is what its about for me. With a little hard work and care, these wonderful pets will supply us with food. Yet another way to become more self-reliant and sustainable. Now all we had to do is sell our house, buy a new one, move, plan and build a coop, figure out what kind of chickens we want, and where to find them and we are golden! More articles on that to come.